Health in the Community

Health in the Community

We offer a wide range of clinics, care and services close to home.


Health in the Community Programs

Enjoyable activities for seniors and individuals with a disability, in a safe and supervised environment
For anyone who has difficulty bathing at home due to lack of mobility or other challenges
Learn how to measure your blood pressure
Individualized support to help improve quality-of-life
Clinical, personal and social support for Francophone members of the community
Community-based clinics that offer a wide range of medical and personal care
Bringing together community members to socialize and enjoy each other’s company
Improve your strength, balance and heart health

We provide seasonal flu vaccinations at our nursing clinics in the community or in clients’ homes.

We make it easy for you to protect...

Foot care clinics or in-home foot care services for clients who find it difficult to care for their own feet
An accessible vehicle that provides seniors with non-emergency transportation
Providing newcomers with a warm welcome into our health community