Foot Care

Our foot care clinics or in-home foot care services are available to seniors and clients of all ages who are at risk for foot problems and/or find it difficult to care for their own feet.

If you suffer from a chronic disease like diabetes, you may need to pay particular attention to your feet. Serious foot problems can put your independence, mobility and well-being at risk.

Our specially trained foot care nurses provide care including: 

  • a general overview of your health and a thorough assessment of your feet
  • hands-on care and treatment of foot-related issues,
  • foot care education,
  • preventative care, and
  • referral to other health professionals like doctors or podiatrists, if needed.

Benefits of our Foot Care program

Better health & well-being

Being unable to care for your feet can lead to serious foot problems, which can put your independence, mobility and well-being at risk.

Improved access to care

The option of at-home foot care makes our foot care program convenient and accessible even to clients with limited mobility.

Live independently

Preventing serious foot problems can ensure your continued mobility and involvement in the community.

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