Candidature bénévole

Partie 1 - Renseignements Personnels

Renseignements personnels


Volunteer Preferences

List all VON program areas that you are interested in volunteering for, such as: volunteer visiting, transportation, meals on wheels delivery, adult day program, Community Corporation Board (Ontario only). Alternatively, you can discuss local opportunities with a volunteer coordinator during intake. 
Are you willing to drive as part of your volunteer duties for VON?*

Section 2 - Requirements

Vulnerable Record Check and References

You will be required to provide references and fill out a vulnerable police record check as part of the application process.

Vaccination Policy 

In accordance with VON's policy: Immunizations: Employees/Volunteers it is required that all VON Canada employees, contractors, volunteers and students be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (subject only to legitimately established exemptions of a medical nature or where there is a valid human rights exception).

To facilitate this policy, VON Canada Volunteers are responsible for:

1. Understanding the Immunization policy at the time of commencing their role with VON and review thereafter as indicated.

2. Providing evidence of immunity/record of immunization at the time of commencing their role with VON (via VON Immunization form).

3. Providing requests for an exemption to the mandatory vaccine requirements to their program coordinator if applicable.


Les renseignements fournis dans le cadre de la demande de bénévolat et de la procédure d’autorisation ne seront utilisés qu’à des fins administratives, dans le cadre du travail de VON.

VON Canada respecte strictement la confidentialité des renseignements personnels qui lui sont fournis et ne vendra, ne louera ni n’échangera ces renseignements. Veuillez lire notre politique de confidentialité.