Our community-based, weekly venipuncture or blood collection clinics make blood collection for testing more convenient. 

We offer weekly blood collection clinics in the community. People living in rural areas no longer have to travel long distances to the nearest hospital for a blood test. Venipuncture clinics are not only convenient, but they also can make health investigations more timely.

This service is available to all. An appointment may be required. You must bring a signed requisition from your health-care provider. 

Benefits of our Blood Collection Clinics

Improved access to care

Having blood taken can be done locally, rather than travelling to a hospital.

Better health & well-being

More convenient blood collection can make blood testing more timely, making for more efficient and timely health investigations. 

Manage your own health

Local blood collection clinics make for a less overwhelming experience and can reduce the anxiety of travelling to a hospital for testing.  

Offered in the following locations