Speech and Language Therapy

Our speech language pathologists assess and treat clients who have difficulty swallowing.

Because speech language pathologists have so much knowledge about the muscles in the mouth, tongue and neck, they are well placed to help people who experience trouble swallowing (called dysphagia).

Our speech language pathologists create treatment plans that reinforce hospital-based recommendations on feeding and nutrition, to keep clients safe and in their home. We teach and train clients and care providers to optimize the client’s nutritional intake and to decrease the client’s risk of dehydration, malnutrition or respiratory complications associated with dysphagia. 

Service Locations

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Benefits of our speech and language  therapy

Better health & well-being

Clients with difficultly swallowing (dysphagia) are at risk of nutritional or respiratory complications.

Manage your own health

We teach caregivers to follow hospital recommendations, to monitor nutritional intake and to reduce the risk of dehydration and malnutrition.

Help with daily living

We help clients and caregivers prepare food appropriate for the nutritional needs and physical challenges of clients with dysphagia.