VON registered nurses work closely with group home staff to support the health and wellbeing of residents through our SELECT (Special Extended Living Environment for Challenged Tenants) program.

RNs visit with the residents of community group homes for developmentally challenged children and adults to determine their overall health and wellbeing, develop annual care plans, help staff to navigate other community resources available and provide comprehensive education sessions to staff on requested health topics, such as diabetes management, feeding tubes, skin care and more.

Benefits of the SELECT program

Improved access to care

We can help group home staff ensure that residents have access to the services in the community they require.

Better health & well-being

Residents benefit from supportive and knowledgeable group home staff who can manage common health issues at home.

Care for caregivers

We help group home staff feel more confident in their own skills and abilities when caring for the health of residents.

Offered in the following locations