Cool-Aid Home Safety

The Cool-Aid program helps first responders locate important medical information in the event of an emergency. 

If an emergency happens in your home, you or your family members may not be able to communicate important medical information — details like medical conditions, medication, allergies, physician and pharmacist contacts — to emergency personnel. 

A magnetized pouch that is easily identifiable by first responders as part of the Cool-Aid program is placed on the fridge door. The pouch contains a list of important medical information. 

VON-trained volunteers with medical backgrounds will periodically contact you to ensure your information is up to date.


Service Locations

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Benefits of our Cool-Aid Home Safety program

Stay safe & secure at home

Be assured that important medical information is available in case of an emergency at home.

Live independently

Even if you live alone and are unable to communicate during an emergency, first responders will know your medical conditions and emergency contacts.

Better health & well-being

Knowing your medical history can help first responders provide the right treatment and prevent complications.

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