The Seniors Managing Independent Living Easily (or SMILE) program connects seniors at risk of losing their independence with local services, helping them remain in their own homes.

The SMILE program provides access to services for frail and elderly seniors who, because of functional or cognitive impairment, need help with activities essential to daily living and are at risk of being admitted to a long-term care home or hospital. 

Clients of the SMILE program can choose who provides their services and when. Services are coordinated by VON but delivered by local agencies, businesses and individuals. The program covers the cost of a range of services, including meals, transportation, housekeeping, shopping, foot care, bloodwork, laundry, respite and seasonal outdoor chores, for eligible clients. 

For clients whose annual income exceeds the threshold for service funding, VON can offer service navigation to assist with maintaining independence.  

Helping seniors remain independent in their own homes — now that is something to SMILE about!

Benefits of our SMILE program

Live independently

Clients of SMILE are free to choose who delivers their services and when.

Help with daily living

SMILE gives seniors at risk of being admitted to long-term care access to the support required to stay in their own home.

Better health & well-being

SMILE can be used for personal care services like foot care or meal delivery.

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