Client and family engagement

What does "quality care" mean to you?

It's one thing for us to define the meaning of "quality care", but it's even more important that we understand what that means to our clients and their families. That's why client and family engagement is such a priority at VON.

Clients and families help shape everything we do, from care delivery and program design to policy and decision making and governance. This isn't just talk, it's part of who we are.

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It's part of our language

We've created common definitions and understanding of what client and family engagement and person-centred care mean at VON.

It's baked into our policies

Our policies outline specific ways that everyone in the organization, from our CEO to each of our thousands of volunteers, is responsible for supporting client and family engagement.

It's built into our organization

We've created a National Client and Family Advisors Council to better understand the experiences and perspectives of clients and families and make them a part of organizational decision-making.

Client and family engagement includes beliefs, behaviors, organizational policies, procedures and interventions that ensure clients and families are included as central members of the health-care team and actively participate with providers and provider organizations.

People-centred care includes the perspectives of clients, caregivers, families, communities, staff and volunteers. It is broader than patient- and family-centred care as it includes not only clinical interactions, but also the health of people in their community and the significant role they play in shaping health policy and services.