Reflections in light of COVID-19 (anglais seulement)

VON LPN, Shelby, in 2019.

Article by Jo-Anne Poirier, President and CEO, VON Canada. Originally published on LinkedIn.

As we navigate the spread of COVID-19, all of us are focused on the health and safety of our family, friends, and community. Ensuring that proper measures are being taken to limit potential exposure – particularly to those most vulnerable – is paramount to helping us flatten the curve and get through this exceptional situation.

At VON, we are committed to continuing to deliver the services that Canadian families rely on every day, while protecting clients, along with our employees and volunteers. Our website ( provides an outline of the practices currently in place to protect everyone’s health and safety. As we work with government authorities and public health agencies to implement the latest recommendations, we will update our website as new information becomes available.

These challenging times have provided many of us with motivation to reflect on what matters most in life. For many, this has drawn a greater focus to those relationships that are foundational to our lives. I am so proud to lead an organization that plays a part in supporting these connections.

I wish to send out a very special thank you to our VON team for their efforts to deliver critical home and community care services to thousands of Canadians in this unprecedented environment. The special bond between our employees and volunteers and their clients will not be broken by the threat of COVID-19. It is stronger – and more important – than ever before. Take care of yourselves, and each other.