Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultation

Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultants (PPSMCs) are nurses with advanced palliative care knowledge and expertise who educate and advise service providers on the best practices in palliative care. 

The PPSMC’s “clients” are health-care providers, like other nurses or PSWs, who are supporting their own clients with pain management and management of other symptoms common to palliative care. 

 PPSMCs support providers who work in long-term care homes or hospices or for community support agencies, day programs or supportive housing. We provide mentorship, share palliative care best practices, connect providers to available resources, consult on specific cases or provide general or case-based palliative care education.  
We also support standardized hospice palliative care education through our palliative interdisciplinary education courses as well as advocate for system change such as the use of standardized tools and practices. 

 The services of a PPSMC are free of charge for providers. Consultations are available in person or by telephone, videoconference or e-mail. 

Service Locations

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Benefits of Palliative Pain & Symptom Management Consulting

Better health & well-being

PPSMCs ensure providers are familiar with palliative care best practices to provide the best possible care to their palliative clients.

Improved access to care

PPSMCs increase the number of providers with the knowledge and ability to provide effective palliative care.

Live independently

Clients have the option of receiving palliative care from familiar providers where they feel most comfortable.