Hospice or Palliative Volunteer Visiting

Our hospice or palliative care volunteer visitors are specially trained, caring volunteers who visit with clients and their families to support them through a life-limiting or end-of-life journey.

Volunteer visitors offer compassion, a listening ear and emotional support to help improve the quality of life for those living with a serious life–limiting condition and for their families. They provide companionship and share activities or interests. They often become part of the respite support for caregivers needing a break from their roles. 

Hospice or palliative volunteer visitors can visit clients in the community, in hospital or long-term care setting. The service is free of charge. Referrals can come from anyone at any stage in the illness journey. 

    Benefits of our Hospice or Palliative Volunteer Visiting program

    Social connection

    Compassion, a listening ear and emotional support helps to improve the quality of a client's final stages of life.

    Care for caregivers

    Family members and caregivers benefit from support and respite provided by volunteer visitors.

    Better health & well-being

    Volunteers are a part of the team approach to hospice care and can update the nursing team on a client’s condition.

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