VON’s Sarnia nurses put teamwork at the forefront

Photo of 4 nurses in Sarnia

VON’s dedicated nursing team is made up of skilled practitioners who specialize in a variety of areas and bring a wide range of education and experience to the care that they provide to clients in the home and in the community. 

Kaylee, a VON registered practical nurse (RPN) in Sarnia, Ontario, says community nursing provides unique opportunities to form long-term, meaningful relationships with patients. 

“I love being able to work directly with my small community, and as a bonus the patients are always very appreciative of the nurses that are able to come into their homes to provide their care,” she says. “It is so rewarding seeing the impact that can be made in our community, and following a patient from the time they are admitted, throughout the whole process, all the way to their discharge.”

Kaylee stays motivated in her role by her clients, a supportive team of colleagues and the ability to work independently. “There is so much opportunity for learning and growth, you gain confidence in your skills and abilities,” she says. “The working environments range from private homes, to schools, to long-term care facilities and more, which always keeps things interesting. Every day can look a little different from the last.”

“Community nurses are creative, curious and adaptable,” says Kaylee. She says this is particularly true of wound care. “We are always looking at the big picture and most effective ways of treatment,” she explains. “Communication can look a little differently, lots of emails and phone calls. Your day can change pretty quickly. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that the managers and trusted colleagues are only a phone call away for a second opinion, or for support at your visits.”

Registered practical nurses (RPNs) in Ontario and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in Nova Scotia adhere to professional practice standards. They are responsible and accountable for safe, competent and ethical nursing practice. They work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide exceptional care to their clients, as well as promote the benefits of healthy lifestyles to individuals, families, groups and communities.

Community nursing with VON calls for working independently with clients and functioning as supportive teams.  

Bernard, a VON registered nurse (RN) in Sarnia, highlights the importance of collaboration in providing the best and most efficient care. He shares, “Even though we work independently, teamwork is a big part of working at VON. We also work alongside occupational therapists, physicians, PSWs, and social workers, who we have to ensure we coordinate and effectively communicate with, in order to optimize client health outcomes."

Tiffany, RN, Clinical Education Manager at VON for the Sarnia/Chatham region emphasizes the significance of effective communication in clinical and professional practice. She says: “How we function as a team all comes down to communication, as it allows for the best continuity of care for the client and their family."

In Sarnia, the community benefits from other specialized nurses as well, including a wound care specialist. Jennifer, Manager, Home and Community Care Nursing Programs, IIWCC, says her role is diverse, challenging and rewarding.  

“Supporting clients and the nursing team I lead keeps me motivated to continue to ensure clients are receiving quality, client-centred care,” she says. “Making a positive change in clients’ lives, as well as ensuring nursing staff are supported, is at the forefront of what motivates me.”

The NSWOC (Nurses Specialized in Wound, Ostomy and Continence) nursing practice meets both the biopsychosocial and physical needs of clients with an ostomy, continent diversion, acute or chronic wound, percutaneous tube or incontinence. “Each client has a unique requirement for care, based on their own health condition,” explains Jennifer. “Working in community care, the VON NSWOC has the opportunity to support clients in their own home. It’s a pivotal role, ensuring the client is supported and educated, to promote optimal quality of life for this specific client population.” The role involves health education and teaching to the client and their spouse or family, to support them to eventually reach independence with their own care. 

Strong teamwork can support the needs of both clients and staff. “Our team functions best when working collaboratively with the interdisciplinary healthcare team in the circle of care,” says Jennifer. “Collaboration involves a focus on shared goals and best outcomes for the client. As a team, communication is key to ensuring we deliver quality care that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.”

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