VON Connect project update: introducing the new medication module!

Two people looking at a tablet together

April 3, 2024, marked one year since our new digital health solution, VON Connect, powered by Alayacare, was implemented at VON North Bay and Porcupine, Ontario, our beta site. 

Today, the momentum continues to build. With the upcoming deployment of a new, tailored medication module, implementation in North Bay and Porcupine will be complete. With a year of valuable experience behind them, the team’s input has helped to inform the approach for the team in Pictou, Nova Scotia, the pilot site for our next implementation.

What will the medication module do?

VON Connect has been developed specifically for home and community care and customized to suit VON’s unique needs. It has a range of innovative features that will transform the way we provide care.

The new medication module will make for quick and easy medication administration, enhancing accuracy and improving client safety. VON care providers will be able to document medication administration right in the client’s home (or at point of care), and the entire care team will be able to view the record in real time from anywhere with an internet connection. This instant access to a client’s medication profile facilitates efficient administration of both scheduled and as-needed medication. 

The medication module’s user-friendly interface also saves time for care providers, who will no longer have to write out paper records. It will enhance access to medication histories for all team members, reducing the likelihood of duplicate orders and missed or late medications.

“Bringing the medication component to the electronic health record will be a cornerstone in care delivery, safety and quality,” says Bene Franquien, RN, Professional Practice and Quality Consultant. “The nurse will have the capacity to provide support remotely (including while on call or providing virtual care), organize their schedule based on the client’s situation and risks and see the client’s medication management in real time remotely (what was last taken and when). The overall improvement it brings will have a major impact on our nurses and the clients they care for.”

A big thank-you to VON’s North Bay and Porcupine team!

Changing processes in the workplace is difficult for most people, even if that new process makes things easier in the long run, points out Kerri Milne, Senior Manager, Home and Community Care, Northeast Region. “Our staff in North Bay and Porcupine have implemented this new software in their day-to-day activities flawlessly and continue to teach one another on a daily basis,” she says.
Kerri adds that several lessons have been learned throughout the year for all involved in the launch. “I am beyond proud of my team for stepping up to the challenge and continuing to work closely with the VON Connect team to ensure all future launches at other sites will be seamless and result in a successful unveiling of VON Connect, powered by Alayacare.”

Donate to support VON Connect and the new medication module today

While our team works together to roll out this technology, we are also working behind the scenes to raise the $10 million required to fully implement VON Connect throughout our organization. 

With your support, we can raise the necessary funds so we can continue to meet the home and community care needs of the communities we serve, today and into the future, and to ensure that all of our clients have access to the benefits of the new medication module.

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