VON Canada is Proud to Celebrate Community Support Month this October

Hundreds of not-for-profit organizations across Ontario, like VON Canada, have been supporting seniors and people with disabilities in the community for years – this month, we’re celebrating and looking to increase awareness of the important services we provide.

Community Support Month provides an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the Community Support Services; which help approximately one million Ontarians each year to live independently in their own home. In addition to nursing and personal care, there are 25 different community support services including: Assisted Living; Adult Day, Overnight Stay Care; Respite; Meals on Wheels; ; Transportation ; Exercise and Falls prevention; caregiver support; and, hospice and palliative care services and much more. 

Home and community care also provide health promotion, preventative services, and re-enablement services. Given the current strain on the health system, community support services are more important than ever to help people live every day to the fullest, while reducing the demand for hospital or long-term care.


Important facts about the Community Support Services sector:

•    The service delivery model is successful because clients prefer to live in their own homes and communities, and supporting them to do so reduces costs to other parts of the health care system. As Ontario’s population ages, community support services will become even more important.
•    The sector employs 22,000 people and engages up to tens of thousands of volunteers. Volunteers donate close to 3 million hours of service each year. For the period 2019-2020, community support service providers served over 1 million Ontarians and delivered over 38 million hours of personal support and homemaking services. They also served 760,000 people through home care.
•    Agencies receive partial government funding, but are also supported by community foundations, individual donations, and thousands of dedicated volunteers.
Important facts about VON:
•    In Ontario, VON has been serving the community for many years in delivering support services to adults with disabilities who chose to live independent lives.
•    VON serves hundreds of individuals, who may have a variety of disabilities; be seniors that need care; or, be in a palliative state.  
•    VON is proud to be part to be part of the Ontario Services Sector and believes in the strong relationships that it has with its community partners.


VON gives a “big thank you” to all of its team members, volunteers and community partners during this time of celebration. Together, they deliver important support services to individuals needing care so they can live their lives in the community.

Please donate, volunteer or raise awareness in your community in support the community support work that VON does every day of the year.