Volunteer Profile: Marybelle Dittmer

photo of Marybelle next to our volunteer coordinator, both smiling

Long-time VON volunteer Marybelle Dittmer is the recent recipient of a Celebrate North Perth Inspiration Award. The Listowel, Ontario resident was recognized for her service to her community, which includes delivering for Meals on Wheels.

“I volunteer with VON because they have valuable services and programs for the folks in our community,” Marybelle says. “I have seen from delivering Meals on Wheels, the loneliness of a lot of seniors and you realize you can make a difference in their day because you might be the only person that pops by.”

Marybelle and other volunteers like her provide an important safety check for vulnerable or socially isolated clients. The only reward she needs is knowing that her actions help. “They might have no contact with their family or anybody else and it's just amazing to see them smile and say we’ll see you again,” she says.

Marybelle first learned of VON’s services in 1994 while working as a food supervisor at Maitland Terrace, an independent living seniors’ home. VON operated the Adult Day Program in the facility, with meals supplied from the dining room. “I met several of their volunteers and I was very impressed with the program,” Marybelle says.

She later began preparing food for Meals on Wheels through the home’s kitchen, and saw firsthand the importance of that program. She became a volunteer delivery person for Meals on Wheels, and increased the number of deliveries when she retired in 2017.

Marybelle also regularly calls clients to remind them to update their medical information on a form that’s provided by the Perth County Paramedic Services through the Cool-Aid Program. 

(Marybelle Dittmer is pictured on the left with our Volunteer Coordinator, Justine Jordan.)