Raising our profile as a charity in Nova Scotia

CCA assisting a client, walking

VON is launching two campaigns this fall in Nova Scotia, geared at increasing our profile as a leader in home and community care in the province. It is in response to a need for greater awareness and understanding of home and community care, VON’s charity status and the need to support our programs, services and the VON Connect Campaign.

A Saltwire print and digital awareness campaign

Recognizing the urgent need to serve a growing and aging population, our first campaign will consist of a series of four articles that will run in publications across the province, supported by ongoing digital marketing and a “donate now” call to action. 

The first of four articles, which is in market now, introduces VON’s home and community support services and the VON Connect campaign. 

This targeted awareness campaign sets out to engage both the general public and donors throughout the fall to the end of December.

An online donor engagement campaign

Our second campaign–to be released in November–targets VON donors, supporters and social media followers, as well as Nova Scotians (primarily female, 40 years plus) who have an interest in charities, home and community care and services for seniors. Through paid digital media, we hope to create more brand awareness, engagement and donations.

We look forward to reaching more Nova Scotians with our message and mission.  When you see these campaigns, please share them across your own social media networks to amplify the reach and engagement.