Program Profile: innovative Cluster Care pilot supports independence for older adults in Nova Scotia

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The Cluster Care program is an innovative pilot that supports the independence of older adults in Nova Scotia, while testing new and effective ways to provide people-centred healthcare services in the province.

VON Nova Scotia is one of the provider agencies who received a grant from the Department of Seniors and Long-term Care to pilot a model of home care delivery geared to high-density seniors’ public housing settings.

Working closely with tenants, the Nova Scotia Provincial Housing Agency (NSPHA) and Nova Scotia Continuing Care, VON on-site teams offer care and services to support a community of independent older adults to increase their quality of life.

The program is currently available through VON to all NSPHA tenants at two building locations on Robie Street in Truro. The pilot will run for approximately one year.

Clients receive personal wellness checks and one-on-one assessments to determine what supports may be required to meet their individual goals. Clients also participate in activities, including entertainment, lunches, barbecues, outings, education classes, games, crafts and exercise. They also benefit from assistance with transportation, garbage removal and navigating further community supports that might help to improve their quality of life.

“The program uses on-site teams and a client-centred approach to build tenant independence and confidence,” explains Lori Snow, Project Coordinator, VON Nova Scotia. “The goal is to provide health promotion, care and services to support, build and maintain a community of independent seniors. This model results in positive outcomes for clients, employees and for the healthcare system.”

The VON Cluster Care program is free of charge and registration is voluntary.