Nursing and Innovation: Leading with knowledge

photos of VON staff speaking next to a podium at the CHNC

Nurses are not just at the heart of patient care, they also help shape the innovative practices that enhance how care is delivered. With a dedication to innovation and sharing insights, nurses at VON have set benchmarks in both community and home care sectors.

Our nurse innovators have established pathways that others now tread, influencing substantial developments in home and community care. This commitment to innovation was on full display at the recent Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC) conference. 

Two members of VON’s Practice, Quality and Risk (PQR) team and a lead for VON’s eHomecare program presented at the conference, which gathers home and community care leaders from across the country to learn about new evidence, initiatives and quality improving projects within community health. 

VON’s team presented on topics including digital documentation, community hospice care, and the integration of nurses into home care through tailored transition programs. The conference was an ideal platform for spreading knowledge and showcasing our commitment to enhancing patient care.

As teams across VON lead these changes, these presentations inspire and challenge us to think differently about the future of healthcare.

VON’s presentations included the following:
- Digital Documentation and Nursing Practice: Spearheaded by Bene Franquien from PQR, focusing on digital solutions for nursing documentation.
- First Nations Community Hospice: Led by Deborah Schmidt, this aims to increase palliative care services for Indigenous people.
- Integration of New Grad and IEN Nurses into Home and Community Care through a Transition to Practice Program : Olesya Kochetkova from PQR detailed a program to support nursing organizations in integrating new graduate nurses and IENs into their community practice settings.
- Coalition Building: Fishbowl discussion, led by healthcare professionals including VON’s Olesya Kochetkova, on how to create a coalition and implement sustainable change.

“It was a great opportunity for knowledge dissemination and showcasing the great work and contribution by VON to quality patient care, professional practice and digital transformation” - Olesya Kochetkova, RN, BScN, MN