May 19 is Personal Support Worker Day

PSW April 2023

VON’s Personal Support Workers (PSWs) in Ontario and Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs) in Nova Scotia show resilience and strength every day by compassionately providing care to VON Clients.

In 2010, the Ontario government formally declared May 19 as Personal Support Worker Day. The day recognizes the essential service PSWs provide in sustaining the province’s healthcare system and providing high-quality community and home-based care. On May 19, we honour the essential role that PSWs play in the healthcare system in Ontario. PSWs are integral in providing numerous services necessary to sustain our clients. The services they provide are high in quality and create a level of dignity for patients. #PSWDay2023

We at VON celebrate our PSWs and CCAs on this day and every day of the year, and give thanks for everything that they do to help our clients stay safe and at home, where they want to be.