Letter to VON Volunteers with thanks for ongoing and critical support


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While the pandemic continues, we have turned a corner and there is new hope for many of us around the world. People are being vaccinated, and some countries are successfully flattening the curve. It’s important to stay positive about what lies ahead, but we must not forget all the incredible and courageous acts that continue to happen every day.

When we reflect on courage, there are many people in our VON community that come to mind. Our front line staff continue to show courage and resilience day in, day out.  And, right there beside them is you - a dedicated volunteer.

This is National Volunteer Week. Organized every year by Volunteer Canada, this special week is intended to focus on the value and contribution of volunteers like you. This year’s theme is The Value of One the Power of Many – and we can’t think of a more fitting theme for VON volunteers. Your individual actions make a difference. Together, more than 6,000 volunteers across VON have immense power on improving the lives of others.

Choosing to become a volunteer is choosing to share your generosity and compassion with others. Through sharing your time and energy with us as a volunteer, you ensure people are fed, that they have someone to talk to, that they are active and connected, even while isolated. 

Choosing to remain a volunteer throughout a pandemic is courageous. During a year unlike any other, your choice to support people in their own homes and communities through VON is more meaningful than ever before. We recognize that at a time when rapidly changing pandemic directives, business closures and lockdowns are the norm, it takes great courage and passion to continue freely giving your time to serve others.

While the world around us continues to change as we know it, the importance of your role as a VON volunteer remains life-changing to those we serve. This has not and will not change.   

Your support helps people remain healthy and safe in their own homes and communities – where they want to be. Thank you for being a volunteer with us and for all you do to support VON’s vision of every life lived to the fullest.

With gratitude,

Peter Currie
Chair, VON Board of Directors

Jo-Anne Poirier
President and CEO