Keeping privacy top of mind

Man sitting at desk in front of two computer monitors

As we introduce new programs and implement new models of service delivery, including virtual care, we are committed to adhering to the privacy rights of our clients, employees, volunteers and donors.

We look forward to marking Privacy Week, from January 22 to 26, 2024. It provides an opportunity to highlight the impact technology is having on our privacy rights and underlines the importance of valuing and protecting personal information.

As a healthcare provider, we believe that client privacy is a core part of quality care. During Data Privacy Week, we plan to increase awareness about VON’s privacy policies, practices and procedures with employee events and activities highlighting issues including the safe use of technology.

Heading into the busy holiday season, we encourage you to be extra vigilant when interacting online. Consider making your online presence more secure by changing and strengthening your passwords. It’s also important to aware of possible cyber and phone scams.

Stay safe this holiday season and into the new year!