CEO Christmas Greetings

Dear friends and VON Community, 

As 2020 draws to a close, I want to offer my holiday wishes and reflections on what we have done together over this unprecedented year. 

I have had the privilege of serving VON as President and CEO for seven years now. Our VON “family” encompasses many:  Our clients who let us walk through their doors every day and allow us to contribute to their care and well-being. Employees who provide care while forming deep personal bonds. Volunteers who choose to serve their community through VON. Collaborators within government who are there because their jobs allow them to serve others.  Donors who support VON’s mission. 

I have been fortunate to witness the total commitment of our VON family and the difference you make in the lives of so many. In 2020, a year like no other, I have witnessed the profound care of our community for all those within it.  

I have learned that my colleagues are courageous: answering the call of service where it was most needed – at home and in the community – and making personal sacrifices, including working through the holiday season, to do this. 

I have learned that our team is remarkably creative: helping our clients maintain a sense of connection by telephone and virtual interactions, and in so many other ways, so they didn’t have to feel alone through the uncertainty 2020 presented us. 

I have learned resilience, as have so many others in our community, as we witnessed and experienced loss from the effects of COVID-19 and tragic violence in Nova Scotia which we will never forget…

I have also learned what gives me great hope is the generosity and spirit of our collective community. Thanks to supporters of home and community care and VON, we have been able to accomplish great things in the face of this year’s challenges. You made it possible for our colleagues to remain safe while they cared for others; you made it possible for new innovations to touch our clients, like Zoom exercise classes and virtual nursing visits; you gave all of us the strength we needed, just by knowing you were cheering on our team of home and community care heroes.

I hope you will take a moment to reflect on the difference you have made this year as you celebrate the holiday season, regardless of how you celebrate it. And, that you will join me in ringing in the New Year with anticipation of all that we will accomplish together in 2021.

The holidays are a special time, a time to connect with all that grounds us in purpose, and a time to welcome peace into our lives. My wish is that you find ways to share this time with the people you love and that you get a chance to feel a sense of joy and peace that the season offers us. 

Thank you for your partnership and support over the past year. And, happy holidays to you and your loved ones. 

Be well and stay safe.


Jo-Anne Poirier
President and CEO
VON Canada